In My Bag: Packing for a Photo Assignment

In My Bag Spread Over

It’s time once again when I need to pack my stuff for a photo assignment. Normally, when I pack my stuff for a personal travel, I try to be as light as possible and leave some things that I would probably not use. But when packing for a photo assignment, its different. I had to bring other stuff along that I may probably need. Here’s just an insight on what I bring along during a photo assignment trip.

Securing your digital cameras with PacSafe CarrySafe 100

PacSafe CarrySafe 100 Camera Strap

Digital Cameras, especially DSLRs is one piece of expensive equipment we tend to carry around more often. It would be a nightmare if I loose my camera when some street thieves would slash through my strap and run off with my camera on a motorbike or loose my camera from fall from weak strap connectors. I know the chances are slim but I actually know people who experienced this horror stories so I’m a bit paranoid with my gears. I also don’t like using my default camera strap since I don’t like the brand name screaming (not that I didn’t love the brand) on it and I just didn’t find them comfortable in the long run especially if you have a heavy camera. It’s a good thing there are third party camera straps available from manufacturers like Crumpler, Kata and Tamrac, OP/Tech but my favorite among them is PacSafe’s CarrySafe 100 strap.