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Caracol 2012: Going Behind the Scenes

Putting on the make up in Caracol 2012
Putting on the make up in Caracol 2012
Putting on the make up in Caracol 2012

Makati’s Caracol is the city’s Mardi Gras which aims to celebrate love and awareness for Mother Nature. Most of the costumes revolve on earth themes like animals, underwater creatures and reptiles. It’s been years since I last saw this celebration which usually was held on the third week of January coinciding with other Sto Nino festivals. Now it was held on the third week of February 2012. It’s not the grandest of festivals but the effort in terms of costume design and make up is commendable. In this series of photos, the spotlight is on the Make Up artist and custome designers working behind the scenes to make the performers as presentable, photogenic and in-character with their performance.

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Dispatch: Wonderful People of Myanmar

Shwezigon Siblings (Olympus E-PL1, 45mm, f2, 1/400s)
Shwezigon Siblings (Olympus E-PL1, 45mm, f2, 1/400s)

I’m nearing the end of my Myanmar Journey with only a few days of stay here. I had a bit of snag in Inle Lake which was supposed to be some sort of a highlight for my trip but things got complicated when there was a festival on the nearby town. One things for sure I tell you, avoid the local festivals if you can. While it might be interesting, prices double and accommodations are non-existent. But still it was an experience. Good thing I met a very helpful lady in Aung Mingalar Hotel who accommodated me on my very brief stay in Nyaungshwe when I was already loosing hope of finding a place or even going back to Mandalay. Anyways more details of the story when I write them. In the meantime here’s a fun young sibling I met in Shwezigon in Bagan. That thanaka on their faces just gives the poeple of Myanmar a distinct character.

Environmental Portraits and Feature: Karl Grobl

Kar Grobl
Kar Grobl at Atok (Olympus E-PL1, Lumix 20mm, f3.5, 1/640, ISO 200)

I recently had a chance to work with Humanitarian Photojournalist, Karl Grobl on their first Jim Cline Photo Tour in the Philippines. I find his knack for people photography impressive most especially that he’s a JPG shooter and his images doesn’t rely much on Post-processing. I have a short interview with Karl on Philippine Star’s Online Edition at Unblogged which I’m writing weekly for a limited time. At the interview we discussed why he chose the Philippines, his type of Photography and also some travel related stuff.

Environmental Portraits: Mang Ramon of Rita’s Inn

Mang Ramon
Mang Ramon (Olympus E-PL2, Lumix 20mm, f1.7, 1/25, ISO 1600, WB Auto)

I met Mang Ramon, the owner of Rita’s Inn in Batad, Ifugao while he was grinding a few betel nuts to chew in a corner by the dining area. His humble and heavily bearded appearance was deceiving as one would just ignore him as one of the elders until he speaks. His English was fluent and had stories as many as the lines in his face. Before I left Rita’s Inn, probably the oldest inn in Batad, he wanted me to see his Ifugao House which he inherited from his father. It was probably more than a century old. Inside the elaborate Ifugao House are his collections of antiques.

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Environmental Portraits: Burgos Gamet Gatherer

Gamet Gatherer
Gamet Gatherer (Olympus E-PL1, Lumix 20mm, F1.7, 1/1250sec, ISO 100)

She goes by the name of Che. I saw her along with her friends from afar on my way behind the impressive rock formation of Kapupurawan in Burgos and had to look closely. They were gathering a Gamet (or Nori for Japanese), a red edible seaweed which is part of Ilocano’s diet as they make these into soups, scrambled egg ingredients and other delicacies. It’s also a big industry here as they export them in Japan. Che and her friends thread the sharp coral rocks and the waves in Burgos every morning till noon to gather these Gamet as it is their source of food and income.

Shot with an Olympus PEN E-PL1 and Lumix 20mm pancake, I made sure I have a Circular Polarizer attached to lessen the light coming in so I could shoot wide open at F1.7 here since it’s close to noon already.

Environmental Portraits and Feature: Tomas Leonor of Step Juan

Tomas Leonor of Step Juan
Tomas Leonor of Step Juan (Olympus E-PL1, Lumix 20mm, f1.7, 1/30sec, ISO 200, Pin Hole Art Filter)

Challenged on how he can help a group of 60 children with cancer on a visit in Batangas, he did what little he could do – walk. Artist-Environmentalist, Tomas Leonor, has very little in possession so last year he decided to walk to generate awareness and funds for children with cancer. From Pagudpud, he walked about 475.5km to Matnog, Sorsogon in a period of 48days with only his rickshaw Karl (inspired by walking adventurer Karl Bushby) as companion.

For this year, 2011, Tomas will continue his walk in the Visayas region for Step Juan Bai, a 56 day journey picking up from where he left off at Allen Bicol to Boracay Aklan starting April 4, 2011.

This afternoon, I caught up with Tomas after his Presscon at Philippine Children’s Medical Center and had an informal chat about his Step Juan Bai project.

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