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New iPod Shuffle, Nano and Touch launched with Philippine Prices

Launching of Apples new iPod in the Phil
Launching of Apple's new iPod in the Phil

Music have always been a constant travel companion. I got not one a but a few MP3 players at my disposal but I’ve only been a recent convert to iPod. I’ve only got an old iPod Classic Video but it works well and a pleasure to use bringing in full artist discographies at my disposal. Apple announcements have always been look forward to. And it’s great Apple isn’t far behind on distribution here.

First up was the introduction of the new iPod Shuffle. It is now rectangular but sleek in design and comes in 5 different colors. Controls are via the earphones. Am not really a fan of the shuffle due to its low capacity and absence of status screens. But now they have increased the capacity and are able to save playlist. What’s more, it talks to you. On a press of a control, it tells you what playlist is running and even the name of the artist and song playing. That surely makes up for the lack of screen. 2gig capacity is priced at Php 3290 while 4gig is Php 4390