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Now Onboard: SilverKris Inflight Mag Nov 2010

Silverkris Makati Art in the City
Silverkris Makati Art in the City Opening Spread

It’s a great experience to have worked again with a different international inflight publication this time just to see their work process. Asked what cosmopolitan city we can easily feature aside from Manila, we pitched the idea of Makati and its ever growing creative spots. It’s a bit of challenge to shoot around Makati since it’s one of the most unfriendly places for photographers, but we managed to pull it off. If you’re flying anytime this month via Singapore Airlines, don’t forget to check out the SilverKris Inflight Magazine and the feature story on Makati, “Art in the City”.

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On Board: Seair Inflight Aug-Sept 2010

Bohol Adventure Spread
Take the plunge in Bohol Adventure

Ready… set… Action! Whether it’s that adrenaline pumping activity or that really exotic delicacy, adventure is the name of the game in this August-September Issue of Seair Inflight. Get on the adventure side of Bohol beyond the Chocolate Hills, surf through the slew of activities in La Union with insider guide Luke Landrigan, and try out exotic delights with Stephanie Zuibiri. So if you find yourself riding any Seair Flight check out the latest issue. In the meantime, here are spreads from the Bohol Adventure cover story.

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Now Onboard: Seair Inflight June-July 2010

Inflight June July Ins and outs
Inflight June July Ins and outs

Taking Photos and writing the stories has been the theme on my published works lately. In the latest issue of Seair Inflight, June-July 2010, I was able to contribute 3 features: El Nido’s Ins & Outs Guide, Le Bistro Vert’s Indulge feature and a report on Mandala Spa’s TREEtment project for InTune. While the latter was a bit impromptu, I welcomed the task. Besides it’ll help in improving my writing. This June-July 2010 is the Green Issue where we focus on the environment and anything organic. Features story on Hacienda San Benito, a focus on 3 eco-resorts, a guide to the natural wonders and an interview with Chin-chin Guiterrez. Check out my contribution pages.

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Now Onboard: Seair Inflight May 2010

Seair Inflight May 2010
Seair Inflight May 2010 Cover

Seair Inflight is doing monthly issues for summer and for the month of May they got a feature “Time Out” suggesting 10 things teens can do this summer feature written by Oggie Ramos. Also Maggie Franciso takes us “Back to Marcos Country” for a tour of Ilocos and an Ins and Outs feature on Marinduque. More indulge features like Umu for you. I also have a couple of photo contributions here for Ilocos and Marinduque to check out.

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Onboard: Mindoro and Zamboanga in PAL’s Mabuhay May 2010

Mabuhay May 2010 Contributor
Mabuhay May 2010 Contributor (My photo by Araceli)

It’s time again I do both the writing and photography chores on assignment in PAL’s Mabuhay Magazine May 2010 issue. And it’s great that it’s on a familiar place in Mindoro which is San Jose. Last time I went there on assignment, I covered the islands, scenic beaches and also the cultural and indigenous aspects of the region. This time around I delved deeper into the country’s history as it celebrates its 100 years and discovered the significance of MacArthur’s “Second Landing” that led to the country’s liberation.

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