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On Assignment: Into the Mist

The City lights of Baguio under the mist
The City lights of Baguio under the mist

I just got back on a 4 day Photo Assignment this morning from Baguio. It was a jam packed 4 days into the Cordilleras but it was really interesting. I actually like this assignment as the story is in line to one of my interest. As usual, I can’t divulge anything until the issue comes out but it I’m really excited on how the writer would treat this story.

It was raining most of the time in the afternoon but I love the hanging mist there as it adds to the mood of the shots. I already miss the cool weather and the mist. Usually I just visit Baguio in transit but after this assignment, I may explore further.

The Sketchy Details of the Sketching Backpacker

Backpacking nine countries for 50,000 pesos is the bold marketing claim of the most recent book by Robert Alejandro entitled “The Sketching Backpacker “. Published by ROX (Recreational Outdoor Exchange) Philippines, the book aims to entice local backpackers to do a circuit around South East Asia and some parts of China on a measly budget. Being a long time fan of Robert Alejandro’s graphical works, I was excited about this book, but does it deliver as it was purported to do?

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