Now Onboard: Mabuhay Magazine June 2009

PAL Mabuhay Inflight June 2009

Now on board Philippine Airlines flights is the June 2009 issue of Mabuhay magazine, PAL’s Inflight Magazine. It was a pleasant surprise when I got a copy of the issue as the cover story entitled “Secrets of Mindoro” was my photography and writing assignment work for them on one of their destinations, San Jose, Mindoro. Too bad I didn’t get the cover for this one (cover by Jerome Bonto) but I’m still glad it got the main feature on this issue as I was expecting only to be one of the inside features. Also in this issue I got two more photos for Kota Kinabalu with writer John Oates. Checkout the editorial note and contributor’s feature to know more about the issue.

Coming Soon: Seair Inflight June-July 2009

Seair Inflight June-July 2009 Cover by Ferdz Decena

This is a very special issue for me since it is actually my first cover work for Seair Inflight Magazine. The cover photo was shot in the beautiful rugged island of Batan in Batanes. This one was a really challenging assignment since it involves hours at the sea along ripping waves and some bad weather at times. I even got seasick and threw out my very heavy lunch on the first day. We originally had some other shoots for the cover but I also kinda like this one since it goes well with the title of the main story “Desperate Angler” written by Chip Childers . More details about it later, but for the meantime read on for the editorial note.