Field Test: Canon Selphy CP780

Canon Selphy CP780
Canon Selphy CP780 Prints

I appreciate a good photograph especially when I have it on hand and looking at a good quality print. During the recent Backpack Photography Batanes, we were able to test the portable Canon Selphy CP 780’s durability and performance. We wanted our participants to print their favourites so we can do critiques as well as give them something to keep as mementoes.

Controls and LCD Screen
Controls and LCD Screen
Memory Card Slots
Memory Card Slots

Features: The Canon Selphy CP780 is a much more compact portable printer than the one we used in our Banaue Workshop (The Selphy ES3/30). I think it is a lot more stylish with its colors Silver and Red (which we had for this review). There’s a 2.5 LCD screen, large quick access buttons, direct memory card and camera printing, paper trays for 4R and Card Size printing, optional battery pack and Bluetooth for wireless printing.

Use: printing with the Canon Selphy is straightforward. We didn’t use any battery pack as the unit was plugged. We printed directly from memory cards on the 4R tray.

What I liked:

  • Compact Design
  • Faster Dye Sublimation printing than the ES3/30
  • Very good quality and smudge-free prints (only 2-4 misses out of 108prints consumables)
  • Easy and fool-proof operation
  • Border printing

What I didn’t like

  • Colors tend to be a tad darker due to reflective surface (brighten photos before printing)
  • Less controls for cropping and brightness (upgrade to ES3/30)
  • Consumables are a bit pricey per print and can be wasteful (but less so than the ES3/30)
Ink Cartridge Slot
Ink Cartridge Slot

Bottom Line

It’s a fun printer to use and am sure it would be a hit when used on special occasions like birthday parties or other celebrations. It delivers very good quality prints and is easy to use. Watch out for the cropping though, I find myself printing with borders to make sure the whole picture shows up. And the price per print can be a bit costly so make sure you choose which ones to print first.

Canon Selphy CP780 SRP P9,950.00
Consumables 4R 108 prints (P950), 4R 36 Prints (P395),  Card Size 36 Prints (P510)

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