Field Test | Runtastic GPS Watch and Heart Rate Monitor

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Runners these days have it easy. With a multitude of wearables lately, gone are the two-fingers-on-wrist pulse count for the heart rate method as these new wearables can instantly show information such as heart rate, distance, elevation, pace and calories burned at ease. Runtastic GPS Watch and Heart Rate Monitor is the offering from the famed Runtastic Apps brand. I reviewed their other wearable Runtastic Orbit which is a cheaper fitness tracker. The Runtastic GPS Watch has more features for people seriously starting or are already into running.

Unboxing the Runtastic GPS Watch
Unboxing the Runtastic GPS Watch

In the Box

  • The Runtastic GPS Watch
  • Heart Rate Monitor with adjustable strap
  • Clamp-type connection USB cable for charging and uploading data
  • Bike Handlebar mount
  • Small cleaner brush
  • Manual
The watch
The watch

Using the Runtastic GPS Watch

The watch design is sporty and functional. It’s not something I would wear though casually but it can be worn everyday if its your fancy. The Runtastic GPS Watch is splash proof so I can run under the rain or don’t need to worry about heavy sweating. Display is clear and fine even under the sunlight.

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  1. A word of wisdom from Runtastic support center (mid of December 2017.):
    “Unfortunately, due to technical reasons, we have not yet integrated the Route Search feature into the Runtastic GPS Watch. Consequently, you cannot currently load Runtastic routes on your watch.”

    So, unfortunately GPS Navigation still not working with preloaded routes. Simply, you can’t download data to watch, at least not with official Runtastic Connect app!

    In order to use GPS Navigation, you must “run before run”. Way points will be generated automatically. Whenever a new lap time is generated, a way point will be generated. For example, a preconditions must be met in order to utilize GPS Navigation:
    1. Select the menu point “Workout” -> “SmartLap” -> “By Dist” in the adjustment mode;
    2. Set desired length (X km);
    3. Set it to “On”, to activate it.
    4. Select the menu point “Workout” -> “SmartLap” -> “LAP->WP” in the adjustment mode;
    5. Set it to “On”, to activate the function “laps/waypoint”;
    6. Select a path. This path will be deleted and overwritten with the new waypoints.
    7. Select the menu point “Navigation” -> “NavMode” -> “Waypoint”
    8. Start a workout and walk / run / pedal / etc. After every X km, lap and a way point will be automatically generated;
    9. Stop a workout. Now you have a set of waypoints generated in a single path.

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