Playtime is Back! Work Harder and Play Harder with Keen


KEEN entered the market in 2003 with a fresh and excitingly innovative approach in Alameda, California. The brand impressed the world with its radical departure from the ordinary with its special hybrid sandal that features a protective toe bumper – allowing the feet to get utmost protection while enjoying the breezy comfort of a sandal. In no time, KEEN flourished as an international brand embraced by many. In 2006, the company relocated to Portland, Oregon where they established its official headquarters.

Since then, KEEN has widened its reach immensely – selling to over 5,000 premium retailers and major outdoor concept stores around the world. Dubbed as HybridLife, KEEN is wholeheartedly committed to create, play, and care – a mantra sought to inspire weary urbanites and jaded souls that there is indeed a whole new life outside the confines of their office cubicles.

As it celebrates its 10th anniversary, Keen is more fueled than ever to spread its good word. “It’s all about finding new ways to meet the needs of our growing community of fans across more than 60 countries,” said Balfour. “They challenge, inspire and motivate us,” says KEEN Inc. Marketing Director, Linda Balfour.

Keen Kids
Keen Kids

It is KEEN’s goal to CREATE products that will meet the needs of adventurers across the globe. In fact, each of the brand’s footwear is equipped with what they call, hybrid.ology, a set of specific technology meant to withstand harsh outdoor conditions and are built to be used in any kind of terrain.

Ultimately, KEEN deems “the outdoors” as “any place without a ceiling.” That is to say that adventure can be anywhere, as long as it is a break from your daily urban routine. For this reason, KEEN invites people to explore and PLAY with activities such as hiking, skipping rocks, kayaking, paddle board surfing, and more. Perfect for weekend warriors who are up for a good climb or a walk on the beach, KEENs are also great to be worn on a trip to the weekend market.

Apart from promoting an adventure-ridden life, KEEN advocates environmental protection. As Chris Enlow, KEEN Inc. Hybrid.Care and CSR Manager, explains, “Being a brand inspired by the outdoors, we’re modeling a new way of doing business – from rethinking packaging materials and product design to manufacturing and turning waste streams into resources to engaging and exciting our fans through one-of-a-kind KEEN experiences, online and at retail.” KEEN also supports disaster-stricken communities and partners up with non-profit organizations and charitable institutions – a mark of KEEN’s CARE for the planet and the people.


For the active lifestyle
For the active lifestyle

Fortunately, KEEN’s presence has been made possible in the country by retail giant, Primer Group of Companies. “KEEN is an exciting brand for the Philippine market. Its footwear technology enables the wearer to deliver utmost performance, in turn, bringing out the adventurer in anyone. As we all know, the country is a huge playground just waiting to be explored,” says Mariel Flores, Brand associate of KEEN Philippines.

Don’t let life pass you by and head out now for that much-needed playtime. Look for a Keen pair that will cater to your weekend activity of choice at the following R.O.X. stores, Res | Toe | Run branches, Grind  and RSH, Festival Mall, Alabang.