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My Miggo Strap wrapped around my OM-D

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One thing I often do when I buy a new camera, particularly DSLRs or Mirrorless, is ditch its bundled neck strap. Never really fond of those thin, branded straps that often feels tight and cuts through the neck. I don’t use them and they are much often kept in the box as I prefer to use my 3rd party camera straps. In buying a camera strap, most of the time my main concern is comfort and durability. Then there was Miggo Strap and Wrap. I got a chance to test out this Kickstarter-funded project by the some of the people behind the designs of the highly-popular Kata bags and camera accessories. I’m a fan of Kata products as I’ve used them before so I was interested in what they have worked on as they got independent from the company.

A camera strap that doubles as a padded case for cameras
A camera strap that doubles as a padded case for cameras


The guys behind Miggo have carefully thought how we can easily bring cameras everyday sans the bulk of camera bags without sacrificing camera protection. Personally, for my style of shooting, I prefer not to bring bags that scream “camera bag”. A less conspicuous ordinary bag (messenger or backpack) would do and I would just put in my nicely wrapped camera inside. Miggo Strap and Wrap is a versatile camera strap that addresses my need for portability, durability and protection of the camera.

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  1. Hello Ferdz.

    It is good to know that you got the first generation MyMiggo and had a chance to test it. The MyMiggoPh team noted the problems you had with the MyMiggo. We are happy to inform you that these problems and concerns have been fixed and all our current stocks have the upgraded features. Thanks to the feedbacks of the initial backers of the Miggo Kickstarter program. 🙂

    Firstly, the round metal mounting screw now has an added disc to ensure that it will not be detached from the straps if the holes become loose — as mentioned in your review.

    Also, the edges of this round mounting screw has now been rounded off smoothly to prevent it from scratching other items in your bag.

    Lastly, as a secondary precaution, a loop strap feature is now included to ensure that the camera stays attached to the strap, should the main mounting screw fail.

    Team MyMiggoPH

    • So nice to hear the improvements from the test version I got. Cheers and more success to your products 😀

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