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The Philips ActionFit Sweatproof In-Ear headphones. Tuned for Sports
The Philips ActionFit Sweatproof In-Ear headphones. Tuned for Sports
The Philips ActionFit Sweatproof In-Ear headphones. Tuned for Sports

Music gets me into the groove of my workout. When running it helps me synchronize my pace with the beat and at the gym, it really helps shut out some outside noise especially of people just yapping around and not really working out. I have Β several earphones I use, the regular ones which I listen with for that much needed sound-trip and another one for active purposes. The Philips ActionFit Sweatproof In-Ear Headphone fits the latter and with a good budget tag to boot.

The tear-drop shaped caps
The tear-drop shaped caps

Build and Comfort

The tear-drop like shape of the silicon caps fits snugly and comfortably in the ear and I like that even if I accidentally tug the wire it stays in place. Unlike other in-ear headphones I tried, it doesn’t totally block-out the ambient sounds which I kinda like especially when I’m out in the streets. This should be worn correctly since the sound comes out from the cap holes. And Philips claims the caps have anti-bacterial properties which is nice to know. Better is there are 2 extra pairs included in the package.

The 1.2 meter long red cable wire is just the right length for me for outdoor use whether I have my player in my belt bag or pocket. There’s a detachable clip as well to keep the wire on hold. The package includes a nice pouch to keep them when not in use.

What's included in the pack
What’s included in the pack

Sound Quality

For a Php 1200 (US$28) price tag, the sound quality is very good especially on the acoustics but I would have preferred much better bass as well. I still feel my old Seinnheiser of almost equal price sounds better but for the sweatproof and active use features, it does makes up for it.

The Philips ActionFit App on an iPhone
The Philips ActionFit App on an iPhone

ActionFit App

If you’re using an iPhone, Philips has an ActionFit App that goes along with it. I tried the app and it’s pretty basic in functions and doesn’t have any special features that goes along with the headphone. People are better off with other running apps like Endomondo, Sports Tracker or MapMyRun.


I’ve had the Philips ActionFit Sweatproof In-Ear Headphone for more than 3 months now and has been used for running, in the gym and lately while traveling as well. It’s a really good headphones for people with an active lifestyle and one of the better and cheaper sweatproof headphones out there. The headphone also comes with a one year warranty from the store I bought it which is a plus.

SRP: Php 1200 (US$28)

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  1. I think I’m gonna buy this one Ferdz, great review! πŸ™‚

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