Ferdz Decena Calling Cards for 2011

Ferdz Decena 2011 Cards
My new set of calling cards for 2011

I just got my set of new calling cards for 2011. When I was about to run out of my old calling cards I thought it was a good opportunity to re-design one. The card this time is back-to-back so I don’t have to give separate cards for different blogs. Also I’m focused more on ferdzdecena.com this time around but ironwulf.net is still at the back. Remind me to give you one when I see you.


  1. nice lay-out of calling cards! the back-to-back idea with completely different looks is also great! i’ll definitely remind you to give me one when i see you.

    • Thank Barok! I’ll have one for you 🙂

  2. Definitely great calling cards. Likes them

    • Thanks!

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