New Portfolio and Prints Site Section via Smugmug and Invites from Getty Images

my new portfolio and prints section at
my new portfolio and prints section at

What’s keeping me busy these days? Vacations with relatives is one, setting up some legal stuff is another, and lately I’ve decided to keep my photo archive up there in the cloud. I realized that I need access to my hi-res archives whenever I travel for that random image request I’ve been getting. I know I can’t carry my 2 external hard drives with me all the time so I decided that online storage space would be the solution.

I’ve been looking at the different options and ended up with SmugMug for several reasons:

  • Unlimited Uploads and Bandwidth with Data Canters backed by Amazon
  • Lots of privacy options and password protect galleries for client or friend viewing only
  • Highly customizable interface and design with custom domains
  • Images are protected with right-click disabled and also optional personalized watermarks
  • Easy to organize and arrange images, collections and galleries
  • Easy to share on social networking sites
  • The images looks good and users can choose which interface is comfortable with them
  • For Pro users, I can customize the prices for printing, choose a photo lab and also price on digital downloads
  • There are a lot of third-party apps like Send2Smugmug for uploading batch of images in the background aside from using the native browser upload
  • The site is fast and very responsive
  • Tried and tested by numerous photographers throughout the years
Send2Smugmug is an upload application for easy transfer
Send2Smugmug is an upload application for easy transfer
Getty Image invitation for 56 images
Getty Image invitation for 56 images

I’ve been using my Flickr for years but I thought its features aren’t enough and using Smugmug more made me realize that. But all this feature does come with a price. Smugmug isn’t free. The most Basic is US$40/year, the Power user is US$60/year and the Pro user is US$150. Not really cheap but you do get what you paid for. I know it would take a long time to have all my archives up there. It’s a slow process but I’m uploading most of the time in the background whenever my computer is open. Currently I already have 1000 images uploaded at 7gig space with some of the galleries set on private.

If you are interested to sign-up on Smugmug they have a 14-day trial period and you can use this coupon code for a US$5 off: ljWcxQyYvVD3Q

You could view my new portfolio and prints site section at

I won’t be abandoning Flickr as my photo-sharing site as I’ll use Smugmug as a photo-storage, portfolio site and selling prints and stocks. And speaking of stocks, one reason to keep my flickr account is its tie-up with Getty Images. A couple of weeks ago I received 56 images invitation to contribute to Getty. I thought this is a good opportunity to see if I could get some passive income from stock photos from them. A couple of images I may not use since it requires a “model release” and I may choose not to contribute some since I don’t like “rights” attached to the images. But let’s see where this would go. There are already 9 images approved and up for sale while I slowly upload the rest of the images for approval.

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