Dispatch: 5 days in Java Indonesia

Borobudur Glorious Light
Borobudur Glorious Light
Borobudur Glorious Light

Yes, 5 days and it seems quite shorter even when I was there. I just got back this morning and am really excited to sort out the photos and organize my notes on this trip. It was my second time in Indonesia and my objective for this trip was specifically the UNESCO Heritage Site of Borobudur. But before that I ended up in Solo (Surakarta) first then Yogyakarta.

Blending In

Unlike my first visit which was part of an assignment, this was a personal exploration and a solo travel. And being Filipino, I get to blend in with the locals easily while commuting, often mistaken as an Indonesian, people would speak to me in Bahasa. I do try to take advantage at the entrance counters and hopefully get Indonesian rates but my speech and getup betrayed me.

Minor Accident

Funny that this time I forgot to get a Travel Insurance for the trip, I got into a motorbike accident. No, I wasn’t the one driving. We were on our way to the slopes of Mt Lawu from Solo to visit some sites there, halfway through at the town of Karangpandan, my driver tried to avoid a truck and we ended up skidding on the side street and me being thrown off the bike. Glad I was wearing a helmet but I ended up with some nasty bruises on my left side and some sore back. Glad it was all that and nothing more serious. And that’s just part of it. I’m also glad that none of my gear got damaged.

Enjoying Indonesia

Sadly the more I get deeper to a place the more I want to see the rest of it. Indonesia is such a place that there are a lot more to discover. 5 days in Java Indonesia was too short especially learning about other sites near the areas I have been to. Not to mention how friendly most people here are. I’ll definitely go back in the future. Expect me to write about the trip in the next few months.

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  1. Wooow! How did you do that! I still remember Oggie’s shot, now this is something new again! Next time let me tag along, haha!

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