Dispatch: Malacca Munch

Lunch at Seroni Nyonya Cuisine Restaurant Melaka
Lunch at Seroni Nyonya Cuisine Restaurant Melaka

We spent most of the day today at Historcal Malacca (Melaka). I’ve heard much about this place which was recently awarded as a UNESCO World Heritage Site last year. People either love it or hate it. As for me, I love the food. This great lunch was at Seroni Nyonya Cuisine Restaurant. Malacca is an interesting place with interesting stories, especially about St Francis Xavier. Too bad we missed the Rice Balls at Jonker’s Walk.

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  1. Aw, too bad!!

    The rice balls are good… DAW!! I missed it myself, twice na… 🙂

    Enjoy the tour Ferdz, I told Nina that you guys should try to eat at T Cafe in Cameron Highlands.

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