Dispatch: On Assignment at North Sulawesi

Overlooking Manado
Overlooking The City of Manado, North Sulawesi

I just got back from North Sulawesi, a region in Indonesia I never really heard of before, until I was tasked to cover a Media Fam-Tour for a magazine. It’s a lot closer to the Philippines on a map but took ages to get there. Unfortunately, I can’t share much yet in terms of photos and details, instead of some instagram photos from my phone (you can follow me at instagram, @ironwulf) but it’s a pretty interesting place. While there, we bwere also closely monitoring what’s happening in Manila, especially with the floods caused by heavy rains. There are still places that needs help, I recommend going directly to the organizations doing hands-on work. There’s a Google Resource for Philippine Related Floods or contact any charity groups you’re helping out, in my case, there’s WorldVision Philippines.


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