Few of My Nature Clips included at the “Love the Earth Film”

Imogen Heap and Thomas Ermacora
Imogen Heap and Thomas Ermacora

Imogen Heap is one of my favorite female musicians. First time I’ve heard her ethereal voice is on the collaborative duo Frou Frou. I looked her up and found out she had great solo albums and since then, her music has been a constant companion in my travels. I was ecstatic to learn she was co-working (with Thomas Ermacora) on a concept nature film, Love The Earth and are asking people for contributions.

I got really excited when I received confirmation last night that my submissions were included in the film and they were confirming my name for the credit roll. Pardon my shallow delight on the news, but to get chosen among 1000 video entries on 100 users worldwide is an achievement right? I knew weeks before I have a shot at being included when I was informed a couple of my clips were short-listed and I have to upload files on the server. But being short-listed doesn’t necessarily mean it will be included in the final editing. So that really made me happy, more-so that a few seconds clip from the Philippines would be shown to the world.

The Love The Earth Film will be shown at the Royal Albert Hall, London this November 5, 2010 and will be streamed live at www.lovetheearthfilm.com, GMT 6:30pm (That would be 2:30am in the Philippines November 6). I’m not sure about the final editing on how many seconds of the film clip I submitted but I’m sharing here the clips here for you guys to view. Enjoy.



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