DPP Travel Photography Lecture Aftermath

DPP Travel Photography Lecture at Fully Booked
DPP Travel Photography Lecture at Fully Booked

Last June 27, 2009. Digital Photographer Philippines, the premiere Photography magazine in the country and certainly one of the best printed mags here celebrated their Third Anniversary. It was a whole day of lectures on three different venues inside the Fully Booked building at Bonifacio High Street. The event is not without any hassle as there were some confusion with the lines, signing up for lectures and getting their goody bags. I guess the people at DPP didn’t expect the influx of hundreds of participants (around 650) at the venue, but I think most were quite happy still.

Jam Packed at U-view
Jam Packed at U-view

There were different lectures on several topics each hour and happening at the same time on three venues. Olympus Philippines tapped me to do a talk on Travel Photography for an hour there. It was one jam packed session. The U-view room on the basement is like a mini theater that could house around 80 participants. I heard from Nick Tuason that it is one of the most popular lectures people were signing up that day, so I thought I had to deliver well. I heard there were a lot more who wanted to go inside the session, even friends who I was expecting to attend wasn’t able to come in because it was already full. Maybe a bigger venue next time would be great.

It was a truly jam packed but good thing it was really cool inside the U-view room. And for the “Improving your Travel Photography” lecture I discussed the following:

  • a brush through on the aspects of Travel Photography
  • venues to show and publish their works
  • Tips on taking Travel Photos in context on what travel publications would consider and what they are looking for in a Travel Photo
  • A real interesting Q&A at the end of the session
Participants clicking through each slide
Participants clicking through each slide
Q&A Session
Q&A Session

I really enjoyed doing the talk and I was grateful that the participants were clearly paying attention. Even made me aware that I only had 9 tips instead of the 11 which I wrote. But hey watch out for the other 2 as I summarize them here. That’s the plan. And the numbers of questions at the end clearly shows the interest of the participants on the lecture. I think it was well deserved.

I wasn’t able to attend the party in the evening as I had to rush to Manila for the Balangay Easing at Sea but I heard it was one heck of a party.

So thank you very much for Olympus Philippines and Digital Photographer Philippines for inviting me to talk on this lecture. It was fun. And big congratulations to Digital Photographer Philippines for their 3rd Anniversary. Thanks to Mike for the Photos.


  1. sayang, we weren’t able to attend this kahit na we waited two hours in line. gulo kasi ng registration ng dpp. but here’s to looking forward to a part 2 in the near future. paging oly, paging oly. mas bagay din na bigger venue to accommodate your growing legion of fans.

  2. ang lupet mo! standing room only. mukhang ayos naman venue. tama si Oggie, kailangan mo na ng mas malaking venue para mas maraming ma-accomdate! congratulations and more power, Ferdz!

  3. congrats, ferdz! sayang talaga, wasn’t able to attend… perfect pa naman sana topic mo. can we just invite you na lang in a separate session? hehehe…

  4. I wonder if you have those tips available on your web. Also, do you have other b/w pics available for purchase? All the best.

  5. Thanks Dhon Jason!

    They really have to organize their registration process next time I guess Og.

    Maraming salamat Rayts! Hopefully I get a chance to do lectres again on a much bigger crowd. 🙂

    Hehe! We can arrange that Barok!

    Thank you very much Shoshana!

    Hi Raromin! I will be posting the tips here shortly. Probably by next week. Yup, limited BW prints are available. You can check out the portfolio section for the BW photos and email me what interest you 😀

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