The PTAA 22nd Travel Tour Expo 2015 : Travel Agents are Still In!

In the age of independent and do-it-yourself travelers, are travel agents still relevant at this time? I’d like to think so yes. I’m an independent traveler but I find value with using travel agents too when the need arise. Here are some reasons why it is smarter to use Travel Agents at times and visit the upcoming PTAA 22nd Travel Tour Expo 2015.

  • Convenience for group bookings. Yes there are occasions where I had to bring the clan along a trip. Dealing with Travel Agents is the quickest way to plan a trip. They are a one-stop-shop for ticket bookings, hotel bookings and tours. I don’t have to pull my hair out with any hassle that may arise from talking to different parties for planning a family or group trip. It’s a time saver.
  • Booking Experience. Like I mentioned its a one-stop-shop, instead of buying just a ticket, we’re talking about the whole package. Travel Agents are usually knowledgeable on what to expect from a trip and they could give suggestions on activities and hotels to cater to what the traveler needs.
  • Real People. Unlike just booking online, having a person to talk to face-to-face is a better interaction. Questions are answered instantly and knowing the person would be around in the duration of the trip gives you piece of mind.
  • Insider Deals. Did you know Travel Agents at times get better deals than booking through the hotel itself? There are occasions when hotels give out discounts. Maybe you can save money by asking for good deals on your trips.

Convinced? Now get ready as the largest travel agency travel expo is coming this February 13–15, 2015 at the SMX Convention Center. The PTAA 22nd Travel Tour Expo 2015 is the largest yet. There’s a 16,230 sqm floor space for 288 exhibitors and that’s about 844 booths in total. Get ready to hunt for great travel deals. A few more tips before you go

  • Come early. Deals fly by fast. The early bird gets the worm on this one.
  • Be flexible. Make sure you have a number of preferred travel dates in case the dates you want are not available.
  • Ask Questions. The people there are ready to help you out any travel query as they can. Don’t be shy. That’s what travel agents are for.

For more details visit the PTAA (Philippine Travel Agencies Association) Website.

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