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I stayed in Batanes for 11 days and 70% of the time I was there, I was exploring by foot, hiking hills and ridges. I could feel the skin at the soles of my feet thickening, callows growing, legs tightening and my shoulders weary from carrying my backpack. I knew I needed a good massage when I return to Manila. And just in the nick of time, Bluewater Day Spa invited me to try their recently added Athlete’s Massage. Bluewater Day Spa is no stranger for me when looking for some quality pampering. I’m quite interested to experience the difference in this new offering.

The locker room
The locker room

Bluewater Day Spa

A long time established wellness spa, Bluewater Day Spa is always working on developing new treatments along with the changing lifestyle of clients in this modern times. Millenials, even Xennials are getting into more activities like day hikes, crossfit, mixed martial arts, yoga and running. To add to Bluewater Day Spa’s signature massages, amenities and highly-skilled massage therapist is the “Athlete’s Massage”.

Their Athlete’s Massage aims to:

  • Reduce muscle tension
  • Help athletes monitor muscle tone
  • Promote relaxation
  • Increase range of motion
  • Decrease muscle stiffness and soreness after exercise
  • Enhance athletic performance
  • Help prevent injuries when massage is received regularly
Massage area
Massage area

Athlete’s Massage Experience

After registering at the reception, I was led to the men’s locker area. The locker room was spacious and organized. Robes, shorts and slippers were provided. One can take a quick shower before the massage or enjoy the dry sauna after.

The massage room was dimly lit and had an aromatic scent lingering in the air. My massage therapist led me to my massage bed. I told her I had been hiking a lot the past week and said this Athlete’s Massage would be perfect. The sequence was the usual massage, some back then legs going back at the upper and mid back, turning over and going back to the legs, arms and head. There’s an additional hot pack placed on the back to loosen up muscles. I enjoyed the variety between long soothing strokes and deep pressure massage. My massage therapist spotted the tight knots on my upper back even without me saying it. Then there’s a few stretches here and there on the arms and legs. The massage oil they use is familair too from the scent. I was correct that they use the Human Heart Nature massage oil which I also personally use. It’s a hard massage which I prefer which I know not everyone would like especially if you are looking for something relaxing. But it really felt good after and I felt the tight spots loosen up.

Should you be interested to try the Athlete’s Massage, visit one of the Bluewater Day Spa branches in Makati, Ortigas, Capitol Hills, Eastwood and Tomas Morato. Follow their Facebook page /bwdspa.

The sauna
The sauna

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