Candice Iyog talks about Juan for Fun 2018

Juan for Fun 2018: Young Ones Learn Through One Epic Trip

How about a week-long all-expense paid trip around the Philippines with two of your best friends or relative? Yes it’s possible with this year’s Cebu Pacific’s Juan For Fun 2018. This year’s Epic Trip is more accessible to everyone with a new mechanic in place. No more video auditions like in the past. This year, can just nominate any Filipino resident 18–23 years old, upload their photo at and answer this question – “Why does your nominee deserve a one-week, fun travel experience?”

Juan for fun coaches (left to right) Jude Bacalso, Bea Binene, Baninay Bautista, Kyle “Kulas” Jennermann
Juan for fun coaches (left to right) Jude Bacalso, Bea Binene, Baninay Bautista, Kyle “Kulas” Jennermann

Juan for Fun 2018

This year’s Juan for Fun 2018 Epic Trip brings 5 winners with two friends each, around any destination in the Philippines for 7 days for free, not just for fun and adventure, but also to learn.

“In the past six years, what we found the most fulfilling was how much the participants transformed after the trip. Whether it was their first time riding a plane, or first time to travel with friends, Juan for Fun opens up this new world of possibility, and makes them learn about themselves and the world,” said Candice Iyog, Vice President for Marketing and Distribution of Cebu Pacific.

Last year's Juan For Fun alumnis with this year's coaches, Candice Iyog and host
Last year’s Juan For Fun alumnis with this year’s coaches, Candice Iyog and host

Transformation Through Travel

Carl Calud, one of Juan for Fun’s alumni, shared, “Juan for Fun was life-changing. Before, I thought traveling would just take so much time, effort, energy, and money. But after Juan for Fun, I realized that it’s all worth it, because you get to grow as a person.”

Truly, an epic life-changing experience awaits five winners and their travel buddies in Juan for Fun 2018!

A day before their adventure, the teams will be guided by Juan for Fun travel coaches—Becoming Filipino’s Kyle “Kulas” Jennermann; travel writer Jude Bacalso; celebrity and travel vlogger Bea Binene; celebrity and social media personality, Baninay Bautista; as well as YouTube vloggers and personalities Wil Dasovich and Kimpoy Feliciano.


To participate in this adventure of a lifetime, nominees have to be Filipinos aged 18–23 years old, and currently enrolled, graduating or new graduates. They must be able to travel on the dates May 23–29, 2018. For more information, visit






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