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“No time to exercise. Fitness center too far. Pricey membership.” These are some of the excuse people who are trying to get started on their fitness regimen. Now there’s little excuse to get fit especially with the entry of KFit app in Manila. KFit is like the Uber app of fitness. Whether you are into yoga, crossfit, muay thai, bodybuilding or zumba, you can search for a fitness center or studio near you and reserve at least an hour before the session. Here’s my experience with the app for over a month’s use.

Starting screen and city selection
Starting screen and city selection

The Kfit App

The KFit app is available on both IOS and Android operating systems. As of this writing, it can be used in 10 major cities namely Taipei, Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, Auckland, Seoul and recently Manila. It’s a straightforward install and the initial 30 days of use has an all-access free trial. Once it expires there’s a Php 999 All-access Membership with a limited number of reservations to any centers for a month or a Free Basic Membership which allows one reservation for a month.

Discover activity and Calendar week views
Discover activity and Calendar week views

Design and Interface

The interface is simple, direct and uses large images which is easy on the eyes. There are four major sections aside from the My Accounts section which shows the membership information and other useful facts.

  • Discover. The default starting screen which shows the types of activities available. There’s the Yoga and Pilates, Bootcamp and Crossfit, Gym, Dance and Zumba, Martial Arts, Strength and Conditioning, Sports and Leisure.
  • Calendar. List down the available facilities for the day based on a weekly calendar. There’s also a sub-section for availabilty of Classes, Facilities and Gym.
  • Location. The section is a map which shows centers and facilities based on location. There are clickable pins which will show a pop-up info of the center, current ratings, number of visits per month and schedules for the next seven days.
  • My Kfit. A rundown of upcoming and completed reservations.
Location based view with info on the nearby fitness center or studio
Location based view with info on the nearby fitness center or studio

Application in Use

Using Kfit app is as simple as deciding what you want to do. If you want to do CrossFit or MMA, just tap on the appropriate category on the Discover section and it would take you to the week calendar and list down available classes organized by schedule. By default, it would list all location but there’s a Filter button on the right to show only a list from a location and also timeframe. If you find a class you like and is okay with the schedule, tapping on listed item will give further details about the class, center location and also the “Reserve Activity” button. Once reserved you’ll receive and email about the reservation. The class would be listed on your My Kfit section and you will be notified by the app an hour ahead to remind user of the reservation. Once done with the class, there’s a rating system as well for the fitness center.

My KFit section with current and past reservations
My KFit section with current and past reservations


I’ve used the KFit for almost a month now. Initially, I had my doubts with it but once I’ve tried it, I could see there’s a place for this app in the metro. It’s for people who are exploring and trying to find their fitness niche. It’s a great way to try different activities like MMA, MetCons, boxing, dance or Yoga. It is also for busy people. Let’s say, a regular office worker in Makati finds he/she has time after work can reserve an activity. Like boxing after work is better than wasting time in traffic. The KFit app allows booking ideally at least an hour before the activity.

From experience though, I’ve already tried about 4 fitness centers, a couple near my area in Pasig and a couple from Makati. Some days I would do Crossfit from LiftHard in Pasig, then yoga at Yoga+ at the Podium in Ortigas. When I found myself in Makati, I did the noon crossfit at Mad Minute at Yakal St and also some weights over at Versailles Stay at One Central Gym. I find the All-Access Membership of Php 999 really worth it since it is much more expensive to be a member in a particular gym or studio and be limited by their location. Though to control users from abusing this privilege ,some fitness establishment limits visits from 2–5 times a month per user. But still, there are so many options one can just studio-hop for Yoga or crossfit studios. It’s just a matter of scheduling to maximize its use. App users can also cancel reservation an hour prior to the reserved schedule in case there’s a change of plans. Though I also experienced a studio cancelling my reservation a few minutes before my sched which kind of annoyed me but was brought to attention to KFit management. It’s a good thing KFit app has rating systems and user reviews to have an idea what the studio or center is like.

I do notice that Makati and Quezon City have more partner centers than our area in Pasig though I hope their current number of 143 center grows. In just a month’s time I’ve already seen some additions like a trapeze in BGC, archery, pool access, a naked yoga center and even fencing. KFit app in Manila just started and I’m seeing a lot of promise with this fitness application as it grows in partners and users. I’ll stick with it for a few months and see what happens. I feel it would change the landscape of fitness in Manila as people are now given a choice on how to get fit whenever and wherever in the metro.

Reservation details and confirmation
Reservation details and confirmation


Download the KFit app now on your IOS or Android device and register using this code FRDCNA to get a Php 100 discount on your initial fee on top of the 50% discount when you register this month of October 2015. So from Php 999, the initial fee would be Php 499 and if you use the promo code the first month would be Php 399. Isn’t that a great value?

Visit www.kfit.com for more info. Follow their Facbook page /KFIT-Philippines,  Instagram @kfit_ph or @kfit_asia and twitter @kfit_asia for updates.



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