KFit App: Fitness at Your Convenience

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“No time to exercise. Fitness center too far. Pricey membership.” These are some of the excuse people who are trying to get started on their fitness regimen. Now there’s little excuse to get fit especially with the entry of KFit app in Manila. KFit is like the Uber app of fitness. Whether you are into yoga, crossfit, muay thai, bodybuilding or zumba, you can search for a fitness center or studio near you and reserve at least an hour before the session. Here’s my experience with the app for over a month’s use.

Starting screen and city selection
Starting screen and city selection

The Kfit App

The KFit app is available on both IOS and Android operating systems. As of this writing, it can be used in 10 major cities namely Taipei, Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, Auckland, Seoul and recently Manila. It’s a straightforward install and the initial 30 days of use has an all-access free trial. Once it expires there’s a Php 999 All-access Membership with a limited number of reservations to any centers for a month or a Free Basic Membership which allows one reservation for a month.

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