Kristn the Digital Go-To Girl from TV5

Screencap of the website Travel section

It would seem that girls, gadgets and being the guru in digital age goes together these days, like Siri for the iPhone or Andromeda from the same sci-fi show. Now, TV5 created an icon for their new lifestyle portal in the image of Kristn the Digital Go-To Girl. I got a sneak preview of this ambitious project that TV5 would hopefully make Filipinos turn to Kristn when making lifestyle choices from reviews, movies, gadgets, dining, travel and more.

Who’s Kristn?

Kristn was coined after a demographic study of a growing groups of individuals who spends a lot of time online and whose lifestyle choices and influenced by what they read or see online. As it turns out majority of these people are named Kristine.

But don’t think this is all girly stuff, c’mon guys, girls and gadgets goes together right? They also got a Dude’s section for those who are into sports, gaming and fitness.

Screencap of the website Travel section
Screencap of the website Travel section

Another Portal?

But does all this sound familiar? I think so, we already have a few websites we turn to when we look for movies (Click The City), dining (Spot.PH or MunchPunch) or travel (Travelbook). But what would make Kristn different? It’s integrating all these in a promising mobile platform for IOS and Android. Kristn gets to know you the more you use her by rewarding your interactions and recommendations with badges and perks.

Now all these sounds good so far. I’ve only seen the website mockup and planned functionality and it looks promising. With a number of portals out there this is a challenging undertaking, what I see that would be a bigger challenge is filling in the content. Critical part would be the mobile apps that would go with this as it would differentiate itself from the current web portals around right now. If they play their cards right and make an enriching mobile experience, it would be a hit.

Kristn is set to launch end of Spetember 2012. If you are interested to test out the portal in a closed beta, sign up at

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