Now Onboard: InFlight August – September 2009

Inflight Aug-Sep 09 Cover
Inflight Aug-Sep 09 Cover

Seair Inflight’s August-September 2009 Issue is now onboard. It’s cover feature are the beaches in Romblon. Also check out my contributions for this issue. The exquisite accommodation in Batanes, Fundacion Pacita feature “Room at the Top” written by Chip Childers and a feature on 145° Fahrenheit entitled “Steak Side” written by Ces Rodriguez. Once again, thank you to Seair Inflight team for the opportunity. Read on for the Editorial Note.

Issue Contents:
There’s a new ‘it’ word: staycation. It means, well, staying at home for a vacation or going on day trips near your home. It was coined last year, but seems to have expanded its scope these days to include holidaying in your own country. It’s ‘on-trend’ in these recession-ridden times.

“So, are you going on staycation?” I ask myself.

I tried saying it several times, but, no, it doesn’t excite. So off I go next week to Switzerland and France. I won’t break the bank and with a little luck won’t catch swine flu. We’ll be in the trusty car my daughter named Gordon, traveling through the Channel tunnel.

In Good Times Opener
In Good Times Opener

Why name a car? Heaven knows why. Time to get her a dog before she names the kettle.

So what are you doing towards the end of the year? August, September and October are good months to travel in the Philippines, with good rates available for those who look.

Romblon, a grab-bag of islands known for its marble – the kind that adorns the floor and altars of most Philippine churches – and unspoiled sandy beaches, comes high on my holiday list.

I travelled to Romblon some years back and have fond memories of Looc Bay marine sanctuary, the sparkling clear waters of the deserted beach at Cresta de Gallo, the non-stop feasts laid out for us by local folks, and the general warmth and generosity of the people.

In Room Opener (Photos by Ferdz Decena, Layout/Design by Jocas See)
In Room Opener (Photos by Ferdz Decena, Layout/Design by Jocas See)

Traveling to Romblon is no longer as tedious as it was years back when I went, but there is still some trekking and roughing out to do – as our InFlight editorial team discovered. (See cover story on pages 42 to 55). From Cobrador, they trekked two kilometers in alternating sun and rain lugging cameras, laptops, and bags.

All that effort was rewarded when they caught sight of a secluded sandy beach sparkling in the sun. And as luck would have it, there was a thatched cottage by the beach that opened its doors for them to stay the night and discover a freebie patch of paradise. It’s not a five-star bling resort; there was no electricity, no fancy food, no touristy crowd, just a lovely beach, warm, invigorating sea, and fresh air.

InDulge Spread (Photos by Ferdz Decena, Layout/Design by Jocas See)
InDulge Spread (Photos by Ferdz Decena, Layout/Design by Jocas See)

If that’s not enough, we’ve gathered a list of some of Romblon’s most beautiful beaches – beaches that rival Boracay, but without the crowds (See sidebar on page 56).

Give me staycation in the Philippines anytime.

— Editor, SEAIR InFlight Magazine

Cover concept by: SEAIR InFlight

Photo by: Erik Liongoren;
Art direction by: Jocas A. See;

Fashion styling by: Janet dela Fuente;
Makeup by: Rocky Orejola;
Modeling by: Cianne Xavier Simoes for IM Agency;
Location: San Pedro Beach Resort, Talipasak Beach, Romblon Island

Coverstory inside photos by: PARC Cruz and Jocas A. See

Contributing photographers: PARC Cruz, Erik Liongoren, Gutsy Tuason, Ferdz Decena, Robert Francisco, and the list goes on…

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  1. So nice! Kahit na ganon weather sa batanes, okay na okay pa rin yung dating ng Fundacion. Hmmm, certainly worth a visit if and when I get the chance to return to Batanes.

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