Project: A Primer on Forest and Climate Change

Cover for the Primer Klima at Kagubatan: Ang Pagbabago ng Panahon
Primer Cover Klima at Kagubatan: Ang Pagbabago ng Panahon

One of the projects I consider really worthwhile doing recently was to shoot images for an environmental Non-Government Organization (NGO). Nature and environment means so much to me that if there is any advocacy I would really support firsthand, it’s Nature, Wildlife and Environmental conservation. That’s why I was excited to take up this project from groups like Center for International Forestry Research (CIFOR), and Non-Timber Forest Product (NTFP).

My task for this project was to document how carbon trading measurements are done at the forest of Imugan, Nueva Vizcaya and how the town use their natural resources to produce organic products and goods to sell for their livelihood. The forest of Imugan in Nueva Vizcaya which is under the Kalahan Ancestral Domain is the first one in the country to implement the methods of REDD (Reducing emissions from deforestation and forest degradation) and are involved in Carbon Trading


Carbon Measurement Spread
Carbon Measurement Spread

Just to give a brief on Carbon Trading:

What is Carbon Trading?

Carbon Trading is a market based mechanism for helping mitigate the increase of CO2 in the atmosphere.  Carbon trading markets are developed that bring buyers and sellers of carbon credits together with standardized rules of trade.

Who are potential buyers for Carbon credits?

Any entity, typically a business, that emits CO2 to the atmosphere may have an interest or may be required by law to balance their emissions through mechanism of C sequestration.   These businesses may include power generating facilities or many kinds of manufacturers.

Who are potential sellers of Carbon credits?

Entities that manage forest or agricultural land might sell carbon credits based on the accumulation of carbon in their forest trees or agricultural soils.  Similarly, business entities that reduce their carbon emission may be able to sell their reductions to other emitters.

Source: Carbon Trading: A Primer for Forest Landowners

Primer back cover
Primer back cover

The photos I took was used as materials for their primers, banners and video materials for REDD workshops done and will be done around the country. It will help other forest towns to be aware of the REDD approach and make their forest reserve more productive.  The content coming from Simply REDD with additional research to adapt to local content was done in several dialects and in a way to make it easily understandable to common people.

It was a really worth while project and I learned a lot from the expedition.

Ang Klima at Kagubatan: Ang Pagbabago ng Panahon
Photos by ferdz decena
Additional Research by Nash Toledo
Design and Graphics by Mario Collantes
Concept and main text by Yasmin D. Arquiza



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