Traveloka App: Hotel Booking Made Easy

Traveloka App: Hotel and Flight Booking

There are spontaneous moments when I need to book hotels while on the move. My laptop or desktop may not always be in reach so my smartphone would be the most convenient mode of booking while mobile. Admittedly, I’m a smartphone person and have used mobile apps heavily for booking hotels and even flights. This… Continue reading Traveloka App: Hotel Booking Made Easy

myPAL Player App: Philippine Airline’s New InFlight Entertainment

Recently, I had a long-haul flight from Kuwait to Manila Philippines with a stop at Dubai via Philippine Airlines. I decided to flyPAL for this 10-hour flight instead of the other airline since I know they have in-flight entertainment on board. It was a no-brainer since the flight cost was almost the same. When I… Continue reading myPAL Player App: Philippine Airline’s New InFlight Entertainment

HotelQuickly App Review: Easy Last-Minute Hotel Booking

There are planned trips and there are spontaneous ones. There are even times when something went wrong with our hotel booking or we are not pleased with the hotel when we got. That’s where the HotelQuickly app comes in. It’s a last-minute hotel booking app that’s designed to let you find available hotels in the area and book it instantly at discounted rates. I recently got to try this app in my trip to the Cordilleras at the start of the year and find out for my self the conveniences and quirks the application had.

PinoyTravel | Philippines Mobile and Online Bus Booking System

The PinoyTravel Android App

Now here’s a start-up project I think will add convenience to travel in the Philippines. Despite cheap airfares, buses are still the most utilised transport system in the country. Our bus system is still far behind compared to other countries. Passengers still have to visit and line up to bus stations in order to reserve or buy a ticket. PinoyTravel hopes to change that by offering online and mobile booking to some of the major bus companies in the country.