With the Osprey Momentum 32

Osprey Momentum 32 Review: Move at Ease

I have plenty of bags for sure and they are of different types.  I use each of them depending on where I’ll go. For a few night’s trip out-of-town, preferably up the highlands, I prefer to use backpacks. They are mobile and easy to carry for the last minute bus chases, climbing on top of a jeep or an impromptu mountain climb. Had the pleasure of road-testing another backpack, the Osprey Momentum 32 from their Momentum Series packs designed for commuting. I managed to lightly test the Osprey Momentum 32 in historic trails Bataan first then rough-tested through the elements at the mountains of Bontoc.

Eagle Creek EC Lync System 22 Review: A Versatile Rolling Bag

A multi-purpose bag is quite a commodity for a traveler. Most common are the trolley-type bags that can turn into a backpack like the old Eagle Creek Twist Pack 22 I reviewed before. Eagle Creek may have done something revolutionary this time with their patent-pending Eagle Creek EC Lync System. So imagine a rolling bag that has a detachable collapsible frame to convert it to a backpack or duffle bag and can also be stuffed in a smaller sac for storage. The idea seems doubtful for me at first. I was thinking, collapsible? Is it durable enough for rough handling in airport check-ins? Is it easy to assemble or convert? I had the pleasure of testing the Eagle Creek EC Lync System 22 bag more than four months now and used it for a few local and international trips already.

Taking the Crumpler 5 M$H backpack in my recent trip to Kalinga

The Crumpler 5 Million Dollar Home Backpack 2013 Edition

“What the? Is this a kiddie bag?!” was my first impression when I saw the Crumpler 5 Million Dollar Home Backpack. This little bag is one of the creative attempts of Crumpler to diversify their Million Dollar Home (M$H) camera bags line. Previously I reviewed their regular 4M$H shoulder bag then the new 3M$H sling bag. Now how does the M$H translate as a backpack? I put the camera backpack to a test on several trips to see how effective and functional it is.

Traveling far with the Eagle Creek Afar

Bags | The Eagle Creek Afar Backpack Review

Eagle Creek has been evolving in terms of branding and design. Recently, they sported a new logo and a much more defined collection line. I have been in search for a 30+ L capacity bag to replace my 5 years old Deuter Trans Alpine and found the attractive ochre-colored Eagle Creek Afar Backpack to my liking. It’s one of those bags versatile bags I can take on short trips or some city strolls. I’ve used the Eagle Creek Afar Backpack extensively for more than 3 months now and have taken it to several places already like Tagaytay, Coron and Camiguin so I can fairly say I know more about it now to warrant a fair review.

Field Test: Eagle Creek Twist Pack 22

Eagle Creek Twister Pack 22 A good reliable bag is an investment, that’s why I try not to scrimp out on the quality as I know most of my valuables would be packed inside. I don’t want my bag having torn shoulder straps from weight and tears from its sheets. On my recent travel to Palawan, I was able to try out Eagle Creeks’ Twist Pack 22 bag. It’s a very versatile travel bag with wheels.