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Radio Guesting at DZAR 1026 Byahe at Gimik

With Byahe@Gimik's host, Tony and Jaime
With [email protected]’s host, Tony and Jaime

I must confess, I have always wanted to be on a radio. There was a time when mp3s where none existent and walkmans and CD players were the “In” thing that radio had always been my companion. Yes, I’ve joined those radio contest (and won a number of them) and would look forward every end of the year for those year end countdown, hoping and praying that my bet for the yearend number 1 song would be correct. Moving on from this nostalgia, last week I found myself behind the mike this time on AM radio, Sonshine TV-Radyo DZAR 1026 sharing my travel stories and thoughts on their program Byahe at Gimik.