Printing from an iPad using the Canon Pixma Ip7270

Canon Pixma Ip7270 Printer | Wifi Connect and Print

The Canon Pixma Ip7270 is a sleek looking printer. Just the right size and real estate space that looks good in all angles. Unlike my previous Canon Pixma (MX927) review, the Canon Pixma Ip7270 is a single-function inkjet printer that is highly connected via wifi and can take in two paper sizes on its double tray at the same time. I put this pixma to the test to see how it performs.

The Canon EOS 700D top entry-level rebel

Camera | Canon EOS 700D Field Test Impressions

Canon seems to have hit the right formula when it comes to making a DSLR for consumers moving up from the compact camera users. Their Rebel series has been very popular as “entry-level” camera as it tries to balance features while keeping the price in check and the controls to be user friendly. Last April 2013, they introduced their latest “top entry-level” of the Rebel series, the Canon EOS 700D (Rebel T5i). I spent some time with the Canon EOS 700D and shares my impressions here. Not really a full review as I don’t think I tested the camera features up to the hilt. But I will cover the features which I’m sure new buyers and beginners would mostly be using.

Photo printing on the Canon Pixma MX927

Canon Pixma MX927 | A Workhorse of a Printer

There’s fulfillment in printing photographs. I always feel accomplished whenever I see my work on print wether it be on a glossy magazine or a photo lab print. While the image may look good on the screen, seeing the tangible details right in front of you is a lot more amazing to look at. It’s a good thing I had the chance to print out some of my photos (as well as some from my friends) just to see the quality of Canon’s latest inkjet printer, the Canon Pixma MX927. Will this all-in-one printer be a jack-of-all-trade and master of none? I tested the printer to find out how it performs.

Hands On: Canon PowerShot S90

Canon S90 Open Small is the next big thing when it comes to digital cameras nowadays. When Panasonic made a hit with their advance compact LUMIX LX3, camera manufacturers saw the demand for a small pocketable camera boasting high image quality. Canon a few months ago revived their PowerShot S-line when they released their top of the line compact G11. Sporting a similar sensor and Digic processor as the G11, the new Canon PowerShot S90 is smaller and more compact. I was able to take this camera on a test drive when I went for a two vacation and here’s my long overdue quick hands-on impression on the S90.