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In Zambales for World Vision Noche Buena Gifts Giveaway

The artistic "A"
The artistic “A”, a World Vision sponsored child paired with me during the day’s activities

He was soft-spoken, quiet and reserved. For a child of 10, his slim frame made him look younger and smaller. He would constantly cover up his board while drawing, not letting anyone see his work but I could see this kid has talent. For a young age his drawings have forms and its wonderfully styled. He seems to love art and its written all over his skin – literally. Once he finished he jumps over to his friends, smiling to look at their works. He has a quiet enthusiasm in him. I’ll call him “A”, one of the 15 sponsored child from World Vision at a school we visited in Zambales. We were there to spend time with the kids before handing them their World Vision Noche Buena Gift packs.