Columbia Sportswear Flagship Store Relaunched With Epic Retail Environment

Store facade at North Wing, SM MOA

Ever since I started venturing into the outdoors more than two decades ago, Columbia Sportswear has been a reliable companion. It’s a trusted brand among mountaineers. Personally if I can grab a few apparels from them, I would. It’s not cheap but you get what you pay for. Quality and technology that can last for years. I remember having my first Columbia convertible pants and it lasted for at least five years. Definitely “Tested Tough”. Columbia Sportswear have been producing and innovating products long before. And to mark their 80th Anniversary, they have relaunched a flagship store in the Philippines that continues to inspire people to go outdoors.

Keeping Warm with the Columbia Flash Forward Down Hooded Jacket

The Columbia Flash Forward Down hooded jacket

It’s always a good idea to bring a good jacket when traveling. Even in our tropical country, squalls or drafts of cold can be sudden, especially when venturing to the Cordilleras. In my recent travels to the cold highlands, I got to use the Columbia Flash Forward Down Hooded Jacket this time. It’s a lightweight,… Continue reading Keeping Warm with the Columbia Flash Forward Down Hooded Jacket

Wear | Columbia Omni-Freeze Zero Test: How Cool Can You Get?

Wearing the Columbia Freeze Degree Short Sleeve Polo Shirt

So can a fabric be able to really cool you down when the heat is up and you’re all sweaty? I never thought it would be possible but somehow the folks at Columbia Sportswear managed to pull it off with their new technology called Omni-Freeze Zero. I actually have heard about it August last year when their Columbia Ice T came out (supposed to be the first shirt that can lower body temperature) and was waiting for it to arrive in the Philippines. It took a while but finally last weekend, we were able to try the technology ourselves when we went to Corregidor Island. We were given a Columbia Freeze Degree Short Sleeve Polo Shirt to wear during our Photo Challenge and test the Omni-Freeze Zero in the harsh humid conditions of the island.