Wearing the Columbia Freeze Degree Short Sleeve Polo Shirt

Wear | Columbia Omni-Freeze Zero Test: How Cool Can You Get?

So can a fabric be able to really cool you down when the heat is up and you’re all sweaty? I never thought it would be possible but somehow the folks at Columbia Sportswear managed to pull it off with their new technology called Omni-Freeze Zero. I actually have heard about it August last year when their Columbia Ice T came out (supposed to be the first shirt that can lower body temperature) and was waiting for it to arrive in the Philippines. It took a while but finally last weekend, we were able to try the technology ourselves when we went to Corregidor Island. We were given a Columbia Freeze Degree Short Sleeve Polo Shirt to wear during our Photo Challenge and test the Omni-Freeze Zero in the harsh humid conditions of the island.