Dispatch: Ending Where it Began at Shwedagon

After 11-days, 5 overnight bus rides, 1 train ride, 1 pick-up truck, 2 horse carts, countless motorbike rides and thousands of words scribbled in my notebook, I finished my journey around Myanmar. I can say it was one of my fulfilling travels in a while in line with my travels in Laos and China. It was one of those journeys where Traveling and Photography is all about being in the moment, being part of the scene, melding, and being invisible. I love the interaction I get with the locals and just being in there. It’s the travel and the photography where the only person I’m shooting for is myself. I can’t wait to write it for the next few months. Here’s is Shwedagon Pagoda, a gold studded landmark which symbolizes the country. It was the major sight I visited the first time I got in the country and also the last before I left. Myanmar is a wonderful country that I won’t hesitate to go back again.

Dispatch: Launch into the Iwahig Fireflies Tour

Launching into the Firefly Tour Am back in Puerto Princesa, Palawan again and this time it’s to spend my long weekend birthday with family. Especially with my sister back in the country from Canada for a few weeks. We just got back at a wonderful 3km Firefly tour at Iwahig. It was so wonderful and educational that I would highly recommend it. Best time is December and January when the weather is chilly.

Dispatch: Creative Restroom Signs and Crazy Rides

Kuala Lumpur Restroom Signs

Talk about having a low-charged battery. Getting in a bit late last night offered us little rest and wasn’t that all up and charged when we were roaming around Malaysia today. Don’t get me wrong, the tour at the Sky Bridge, Aquaria, King’s Palace and the National Monument was worth while but with only a few sleep left us drained.

Dispatch: Hello again Malaysia

Kuala Lumpur International Airport

Yes I’m back here again. I’ve only been visiting Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia most of the time in transit. But now with an invitation from Tourism Malaysia, I along with Nina and Ivan will get more familiar with Malaysia so I’ll be sending in quick dispatches from here.

It was an interesting transit. I asked for a window seat at Malaysia Airlines. I did get a window seat but have no windows! Arghh! Avoid Row 20 if you want a window seat. But the service is top notch from the food to the inflight entertainment. I appreciate it a lot after riding a lot of low cost airlines.