Print of the Week: Old Bagan Sea of Temples

With over 2200 temples spread out on a dusty 26-square mile plane, Bagan is a stunning landscape of temples dating as early 11th-13th century. As dawn breaks, light paints a dramatic play of shadows and gradients on the vast land of temples and trees. For a moment, the horizon is like a sea with a sharp waves from the temples coalescing harmoniously.

Shot in Old Bagan, The Sea of Temples is available for print here. Property and Copyright by Ferdz Decena.

Dispatch: Ending Where it Began at Shwedagon

After 11-days, 5 overnight bus rides, 1 train ride, 1 pick-up truck, 2 horse carts, countless motorbike rides and thousands of words scribbled in my notebook, I finished my journey around Myanmar. I can say it was one of my fulfilling travels in a while in line with my travels in Laos and China. It was one of those journeys where Traveling and Photography is all about being in the moment, being part of the scene, melding, and being invisible. I love the interaction I get with the locals and just being in there. It’s the travel and the photography where the only person I’m shooting for is myself. I can’t wait to write it for the next few months. Here’s is Shwedagon Pagoda, a gold studded landmark which symbolizes the country. It was the major sight I visited the first time I got in the country and also the last before I left. Myanmar is a wonderful country that I won’t hesitate to go back again.

Dispatch: Wonderful People of Myanmar

I’m nearing the end of my Myanmar Journey with only a few days of stay here. I had a bit of snag in Inle Lake which was supposed to be some sort of a highlight for my trip but things got complicated when there was a festival on the nearby town. One things for sure I tell you, avoid the local festivals if you can. While it might be interesting, prices double and accommodations are non-existent. But still it was an experience. Good thing I met a very helpful lady in Aung Mingalar Hotel who accommodated me on my very brief stay in Nyaungshwe when I was already loosing hope of finding a place or even going back to Mandalay. Anyways more details of the story when I write them. In the meantime here’s a fun young sibling I met in Shwezigon in Bagan. That thanaka on their faces just gives the poeple of Myanmar a distinct character.

Dispatch: UAAP S74 Beach Volleyball Finals 2011

I never thought Beach Volleyball can be so emotional, it is really a different atmosphere from indoor Volleyball. But I guess on every game when the championship is at stake, every player can feel the pressure and only having a pair on a team, it really shows on every winning point. I was able to watch the finals game match for UAAP Season 74 beach volleyball in UE Caloocan. For the Women’s it’s UST with main players Maru Banaticla and Judy Caballejo playing against Ateneo’s Alyssa Valdez and Bea Tan. Game 2 was a win from Ateneo forcing a deciding 3rd match. I was really surprised on how each player would react to each points they got and they sure show a lot of passion for the game.On Game 3, Maru had an injury but she showed how a trooper she was and continued playing despite the pain. In two sets, UST was able to get their first Beach Volleyball championship and it was a well deserved win. Lots of victory hugs here.

Environmental Portraits and Feature: Karl Grobl

I recently had a chance to work with Humanitarian Photojournalist, Karl Grobl on their first Jim Cline Photo Tour in the Philippines. I find his knack for people photography impressive most especially that he’s a JPG shooter and his images doesn’t rely much on Post-processing. I have a short interview with Karl on Philippine Star’s Online Edition at Unblogged which I’m writing weekly for a limited time. At the interview we discussed why he chose the Philippines, his type of Photography and also some travel related stuff.