Eagle Creek EC Lync System 22 Review: A Versatile Rolling Bag

A multi-purpose bag is quite a commodity for a traveler. Most common are the trolley-type bags that can turn into a backpack like the old Eagle Creek Twist Pack 22 I reviewed before. Eagle Creek may have done something revolutionary this time with their patent-pending Eagle Creek EC Lync System. So imagine a rolling bag that has a detachable collapsible frame to convert it to a backpack or duffle bag and can also be stuffed in a smaller sac for storage. The idea seems doubtful for me at first. I was thinking, collapsible? Is it durable enough for rough handling in airport check-ins? Is it easy to assemble or convert? I had the pleasure of testing the Eagle Creek EC Lync System 22 bag more than four months now and used it for a few local and international trips already.

Photography Talk 101 for Eagle Creek: Inspired by Travel

Travel Photography 101

Eagle Creek is celebrating its 40th Anniversary of Inspiring people to Travel with their tough and efficient travel gear from backpacks, luggage, packing cubes and other travel accessories. As part of Eagle Creek Philippines celebration, they have weekly activities for their “Eagle Creek Travel Educational Campaign”. I was tapped to speak for their “Travel Photography 101” session which was held last week at ROX, BGC. I am in the midst of a project in El Nido Palawan and it was timely I was in Manila for a week and was available to do this talk. We had an overwhelming response of more than 80 people reserving their slot for the session. As expected since it was a weekday and a challenge to go to the venue with the traffic, more than half of the sign ups attended. Thank you very much to the people who attended as I enjoyed that little talk. There’s also a post-event contest happening for attendees. Read further for details.

Bags | Eagle Creek Travel Bug Mini Backpack RFID

Using the Eagle Creek Travel Bug Mini to a waterfall hike

It’s a little bag that holds the essentials. When I say little I mean little. The Eagle Creek Travel Bug Mini is really like a bug, it is smaller than I anticipated but big on pockets, organization and security features. Here’s my in-depth look of this handy bag from Eagle Creek if you are in the market for a small travel bag.

Bags | The Eagle Creek Afar Backpack Review

Traveling far with the Eagle Creek Afar

Eagle Creek has been evolving in terms of branding and design. Recently, they sported a new logo and a much more defined collection line. I have been in search for a 30+ L capacity bag to replace my 5 years old Deuter Trans Alpine and found the attractive ochre-colored Eagle Creek Afar Backpack to my liking. It’s one of those bags versatile bags I can take on short trips or some city strolls. I’ve used the Eagle Creek Afar Backpack extensively for more than 3 months now and have taken it to several places already like Tagaytay, Coron and Camiguin so I can fairly say I know more about it now to warrant a fair review.

Bags | Eagle Creek Vagabond Courier

The Eagle Creek Vagabond Courier Shoulder Bag

There is always that little bag we take where we put the stuff we readily access and need when we travel like mobile phones, passport, flight tickets, notebooks, mints etc. The type of bag differs from each people. Some prefers belt bags or fanny pack, personally I like using shoulder bags and keep them on my side. I have used a lot and to add to the growing list is the new Eagle Creek Vagabond Courier. A new shoulder bag geared for the mobile tech and smart urban traveler.

Travel Photography Talks and a Whirlwind March

Eagle Creek Travel Preppers, Travel Photography Talk at ROX

After my somewhat slow-paced and laid-back 3-months stay in El Nido Palawan, I found myself back in Manila early March and it’s been a crazy month of going back and fort at the airport to fetch and send off relatives, once in a blue moon visits of my sisters from USA and Canada and my uncles and aunts since I arrived. In between, there were some preparations I had to do for my talk for Eagle Creek which concluded last March 21 and now for Backpack Photography’s talk at the Singapore Arts House for Sony Digital Workshops. I’m really thankful for the opportunities available to share my passion for photography and at the same time spend some quality moments with family.