Giving Back with a Photo Print via a Polaroid Pogo Printer

Many shutters have been clicked, so many people have been photographed, so many smiles have been captured. Yet it’s rare that I get to return the favour of sharing their moments with us photographers. I wanted to give something back, even as simple as giving their own photo.

When I saw the Polaroid Pogo printer for the first time, I thought it was a very handy device to give instant photo to people. Its introductory price was steep two years ago (about P4000+) but when I saw it a couple of months ago it has gone down to half its price and thought about getting one. I thought it would be useful to bring to Myanmar where I could give photos so select individuals so I bought a unit.

Unboxing the Sony Alpha A550 DSLR

Sony Alpha A550 Unboxed

The year 2009 has been ground breaking for digital cameras. Every manufacturer seems to be putting out new features and technology that are changing the way people do photography. Sony was able to contribute to this growing technology by introducing their EXMOR R sensor. Sony Philippines was generous enough to give me a chance to play around with two of their recent cameras and both uses the new sensor technology EXMOR R with new BIONZ Processing engine. And the first up is their Sony Alpha A550.

5th Gen Nano, the iPod with Video Recording and FM Radio

iPod Nano Test

Among the iPod lines, it seems that the Nano, which sits in the middle of the pack had made some drastic changes both in shape and features. Now here comes the 5th Generation iPod Nano and built into it are new features like the Video Recording and the FM Radio which are not yet present in the current generations of iPods. Apple Philipines distributor was kind enough to send in a test unit to play around with for a while. I took the Nano up on a long road trip up north to rough it out in the Ifugao Mountains.