Nokia N8 USB On-the-Go: A Handy Backup Tool

Nokia N8 USB On-the-go I’m always trying to find ways to travel lighter, especially with all my gadgets in tow. My current setup is bringing along my netbook for my daily obsessive-compulsive image back-up whenever I’m on a trip. I was ecstatic to learn that Nokia’s new flagship model, the Nokia N8, has the USB OTG (On-the-Go) capability, making the handset a useful portable drive as well. So I put the feature to the test to see if I can possibly leave my netbook on my upcoming travels.

Nokia N8 in the Philippines!

Nokia N8 All the buzz lately has been on the Android and IOS4 wars, but Finnish Company Nokia is not about to give up on their native Symbian OS yet as they unveiled their latest Symbian ^3 on their current top-of-the-line Smartphone, the Nokia N8. Will it be able to stand up to the rapidly growing Android market? Probably, but as far as Nokia handsets are concerned, this could be their best handset at the moment.

Field Test Review: Sony Alpha A550

Sony Alpha A550 Field Test: Field
Before the on-set of the holidays late last year. I introduced the Sony Alpha A550 with Sony DT DT 18-55mm f3.5-5.6 SAM here. And after about three weeks with the camera, here is my express field review of this DSLR. Three weeks is actually a short time to really get to know a camera. Some people can run the entire lab test they want but it is different with actual usage and application of the camera in the field. I wasn’t able to fully utilize all the camera features here because of the short time and also of the holidays but I think I covered the important aspects of the camera below. Note that most images here are out-of-camera JPGs (OOC) with only resizing and watermark done on the images.

Olympus “Pen” E-P1 Unboxed in the Philippines

Olympus E-P1 in the Philippines

The year 2009 has been looking good for Olympus since they launched the Olympus E-P1 last June 2009. I’ve been keeping close watch on the development of the Micro Four Thirds format and as of late it has been very promising in pushing the boundaries of design that other companies are already studying on how they could develop their own mirror-less interchangeable lens system just what like Olympus and Panasonic did.

New iPod Shuffle, Nano and Touch launched with Philippine Prices

Launching of Apples new iPod in the Phil

Music have always been a constant travel companion. I got not one a but a few MP3 players at my disposal but I’ve only been a recent convert to iPod. I’ve only got an old iPod Classic Video but it works well and a pleasure to use bringing in full artist discographies at my disposal. Apple announcements have always been look forward to. And it’s great Apple isn’t far behind on distribution here.

In My Bag: Packing for a Photo Assignment

In My Bag Spread Over

It’s time once again when I need to pack my stuff for a photo assignment. Normally, when I pack my stuff for a personal travel, I try to be as light as possible and leave some things that I would probably not use. But when packing for a photo assignment, its different. I had to bring other stuff along that I may probably need. Here’s just an insight on what I bring along during a photo assignment trip.