5th Gen Nano, the iPod with Video Recording and FM Radio

iPod Nano Test

Among the iPod lines, it seems that the Nano, which sits in the middle of the pack had made some drastic changes both in shape and features. Now here comes the 5th Generation iPod Nano and built into it are new features like the Video Recording and the FM Radio which are not yet present in the current generations of iPods. Apple Philipines distributor was kind enough to send in a test unit to play around with for a while. I took the Nano up on a long road trip up north to rough it out in the Ifugao Mountains.

New iPod Shuffle, Nano and Touch launched with Philippine Prices

Launching of Apples new iPod in the Phil

Music have always been a constant travel companion. I got not one a but a few MP3 players at my disposal but I’ve only been a recent convert to iPod. I’ve only got an old iPod Classic Video but it works well and a pleasure to use bringing in full artist discographies at my disposal. Apple announcements have always been look forward to. And it’s great Apple isn’t far behind on distribution here.