Ironwulf En Route Edition on Google Currents

Ironwulf Edition on both IOS (iPad) and Android (Xperia Active)

Google Currents is an app developed by Google that’s designed to deliver a magazine-type experience while reading content on mobile devices like tablets and smartphones. Released late last year 2011 in the US, it only got available internationally last April 2012. If you’re an Apple IOS user, it’s easy to say it’s a competitor to FlipBoard, a neatly designed social media aggregator. Clearly and personally, I  think Flipboard wins in terms of aesthetics and reading experience as well as integration of social media accounts like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. But Google Currents do have aces up its sleeve besides becoming a pre-installed app in all Android devices starting from the upcoming Android Jelly Bean (4.1). GO! Powered by Smart Sandbox GO! now on mobile

Go now and point your mobile browsers to and you’ll find yourself on the mobile version of which I call GO!. It’s basically a Mobsite (Mobile Site) which you can publish feeds from your blog sites whether it’s wordpress or blogger generated, show your more recent uploads on flickr, add a form so people can send you emails through their mobiles and other stuffs. I know most mobile devices now can browse web sites but the benefit I see on this one is that it’s a simple summary of your content, a quick contact page and compatibility to most mobile browsers out there. This is basically one of the things I like on the new Smart Sandbox.