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Last Minute Gift Ideas for the Stylish Active Traveler 2017

It’s a few days before Christmas and for some of us, like me, I’m a crammer when it comes to gift-buying. If you’re still wondering what to give your traveller friends, it’s not that hard to please us really. Yes, we do appreciate another headwear, multi-tools, sporks, another water container ( I think I have more than 10 now) or flashlights. But if you want to up the ante a bit or give try something different here are some gift ideas for the active traveler for you.

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Keeping Warm with the Columbia Flash Forward Down Hooded Jacket

It’s always a good idea to bring a good jacket when traveling. Even in our tropical country, squalls or drafts of cold can be sudden, especially when venturing to the Cordilleras. In my recent travels to the cold highlands, I got to use the Columbia Flash Forward Down Hooded Jacket this time. It’s a lightweight, ActiveFit, water resistant down jacket with a patented Heat Seal technology from Columbia. I put the jacket to the test at the chilly summit of Mt Pulag and the nippy air of Bontoc.