Opening spread of the Lake Sebu Story

CEB Smile | Weave a Lot to Learn Article Photos

Lake Sebu is one of my favorite places in Mindanao and is one of my early explorations in the area. The Tboli people and their weaving are featured in the month’s Cebu Pacific Air’s Smile Magazine. The story “Weave a Lot to Learn” tackles on the Tboli Dreamweavers. Also featured on the story are some of my images, from the opening spread to the next two pages. You can read the online version of the story at the CebuSmile website.

Dispatch: Deep into the T’Boli Culture

National Treasure Lang Dulay We’re just closing the 2nd day our Backpack Photography Lake Sebu Photo Tour. Lake Sebu continues to mesmerize even on the 2nd time around. There are some big changes so far most of them are good. We also delved deeper into the T’Boli Culture this time around which made me appreciate them more. Here’s a snap portrait shot of the living Philippine National Treasure, Lang Dulay, a famous Dreamweaver. A few more days here in the south.