Nokia N8 Gallery: Street Photos Set 1

The first Nokia N8 Gallery last month proved to be a popular posts here since it showcased the imaging prowess of the N8. It’s always comforting to know I have a capable camera in my pocket so whenever I’m out on the streets I take the opportunity to take photos when I see some interesting subjects. I think I’ll be doing a compilation of Nokia N8 shots every end of the month. This month I’ll be featuring a set of street photos that I liked. Took them colored but just converted them to Black and white via adjustment layers then re-sized.

My 15 Favorite Nokia N8 Images Gallery

As most mature photographers would say, “The Best Camera is the one you have”. This is more true now when Mobile Phone’s imaging capabilities are getting powerful and closer to replacing a common point and shoot cameras. I’ve had my Nokia N8 for more than half a year now and am very much impressed with its 12mp larger than usual camera sensors. As much as Nokia is currently having multiple personality disorders with their Operating System of choice, we can’t deny Nokia produces phones with mean hardware especially on the multimedia department. So here I’m sharing 15 of my favorite photographs taken with the Nokia N8.