Ayala Museum | The Art and the Order of Nature in Indigenous Philippine Textiles

I’ve always been fascinated by the textiles created by the various indigenous people of our country. I myself have visited their places and have seen with my own eyes how they weave and crafted these pieces of works. To them, the designs and patterns, influenced by their surroundings, nature and belief is inherent and flows naturally through them. In Ayala Museum’s newly opened exhibit at its 4th floor galleries, the “Art and the Order of Nature in Indigenous Philippine Textiles” showcase to display the indigenous Philippine textiles in a different light.

Current exhibit at Lopez Museum

The Lopez Museum | Articles of Disagreements Exhibit

It’s all about how the somewhat mundane and simple processes of life transforms into a work of art. Behind familiar art forms are writings and anecdotes on art history. The exhibit “Articles of Disagreements” unearths the rich Lopez Museum archives and showcases not only the artworks but the process – agreements and disagreements in relation to art. Among the featured artist on spotlight are Maria Cruz, Buen Calubayan and Nilo Illarde.

The Mirror Box where you can peek into the world of Yayoi Kusama

Dispatch | “I Love Kusama” Exhibits Hallucination Manifestation of Yayoi Kusama

Delve into a world where obsession of patterns and a world of dots hallucination materialize into a captivating art form. Suicidal in nature, Japanese artist and writer, Yayoi Kusama, is still alive and breathing at the age of 84 and still creates works of art that is vibrant, dynamic, sensual and remains relevant even at this time. “Art is my therapy!” She says, whenever she has suicidal thoughts, she would ask her “art” what she would do. A contemporary of Andy Warhol, Kusama led a fascinating life despite her bitter childhood, yet her work is exuberant that it even inspired designers from Louis Vuitton to create a line after her. For the first time in the Philippines, Ayala Museum presents Kusama’s works in “I Love Kusama” exhibit, an unraveling of more than 200 original art and commercial pieces from the private collection of Lito and Kim Camacho.