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  • Photo Print: Breathtaking Bagan

    Photo Print: Breathtaking Bagan

    My early solo backpacking trips yielded some of my favorite images. Having to travel at your own pace, and time and catching sunrises produced not just photographs but unforgettable adventures.

  • Print of the Week: Old Bagan Sea of Temples

    Print of the Week: Old Bagan Sea of Temples

    With over 2200 temples spread out on a dusty 26-square mile plane, Bagan is a stunning landscape of temples dating as early 11th-13th century. As dawn breaks, light paints a dramatic play of shadows and gradients on the vast land of temples and trees. For a moment, the horizon is like a sea with a…

  • Dispatch: Ending Where it Began at Shwedagon

    Dispatch: Ending Where it Began at Shwedagon

    After 11-days, 5 overnight bus rides, 1 train ride, 1 pick-up truck, 2 horse carts, countless motorbike rides and thousands of words scribbled in my notebook, I finished my journey around Myanmar. I can say it was one of my fulfilling travels in a while in line with my travels in Laos and China. It…

  • Dispatch: Wonderful People of Myanmar

    Dispatch: Wonderful People of Myanmar

    I’m nearing the end of my Myanmar Journey with only a few days of stay here. I had a bit of snag in Inle Lake which was supposed to be some sort of a highlight for my trip but things got complicated when there was a festival on the nearby town. One things for sure…

  • Dispatch: Halfway Through Myanmar

    Dispatch: Halfway Through Myanmar

    I’m currently halfway through my journey in Myanmar and I can say it’s more than I expected it to be. I’m currently in Pyin U Lwin at the north of Mandalay. 3445 ft above sea level, taking the slow train immediately coming from Bagan. The cool clime is a refreshing change from the warm and…