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Columbia Ice Tee | The First Shirt that Cools You Down while Sweating

The Columbia Ice Tee
The Columbia Ice Tee

Now here’s something heavy sweaters would welcome in a tropical country like the Philippines, a T-shirt that literally cools you down when you heat-up and sweat. Columbia Sporstwear recently introduced their new Omni-Freeze ZERO technology in their Ice Tee Shirts. The wicking polyester base of the shirt contains thousands of hydrophilic polymer rings which expands like a doughnut as it absorbs moisture as sweat is distributed into the shirt. Test have shown that it is 10 degrees cooler on the wearer’s skin than a typical t-shirt cloth. I’m an avid Columbia Sportswear consumer and I’m excited for this technology to be here in the PHL where it can be hot and humid. it would be very useful for travel. But then again, the US$60 may make me think twice.

Update (5th Aug 2012): Found out the shirts are available locally already for P2990.

Source: PopSci