myPAL Player App: Philippine Airline’s New InFlight Entertainment

Recently, I had a long-haul flight from Kuwait to Manila Philippines with a stop at Dubai via Philippine Airlines. I decided to flyPAL for this 10-hour flight instead of the other airline since I know they have in-flight entertainment on board. It was a no-brainer since the flight cost was almost the same. When I… Continue reading myPAL Player App: Philippine Airline’s New InFlight Entertainment

North Sulawesi in PAL Mabuhay November 2012 Issue

A page from the North Sulawesi Story on PAL Mabuhay Nov 2012 Issue

If you happen to be flying Philippine Airlines this month of November 2012, do check out their latest Mabuhay Magazine onboard. I got a short two-page story there on our brief stint in North Sulawesi, Indonesia. It’s a very interesting place covering Bunaken Island, Manado and Tomohon. Look for the article “The North Side Wonders”, below are the photos they used for the article.

Halloween Traditions in the October 2012 Issue of PAL Mabuhay Magazine

A Spiritual affair on the October Issue of PAL Mabuhay

One of my favorite images from Sagada is published on the October 2012 issue of PAL Mabuhay Magazine. It’s this boy kneeling on the ground at the cemetery in Sagada during the Festival of Lights celebration or Panag-apoy during Halloween. I just can’t believe it’s been almost 7 years since I took this photo. I was still using my trusty Olympus C750 point and shoot at that time. No DSLR for me then but I thought this picture captured the essence of the festival, remembering the loved ones by burning a pinewood fire or saeng. Lori Blackburn writes about it more on this issue as well as the other Halloween traditions around the globe.

Onboard: Mindoro and Zamboanga in PAL’s Mabuhay May 2010

PAL Mabuhay May 2010 Contributor It’s time again I do both the writing and photography chores on assignment in PAL’s Mabuhay Magazine May 2010 issue. And it’s great that it’s on a familiar place in Mindoro which is San Jose. Last time I went there on assignment, I covered the islands, scenic beaches and also the cultural and indigenous aspects of the region. This time around I delved deeper into the country’s history as it celebrates its 100 years and discovered the significance of MacArthur’s “Second Landing” that led to the country’s liberation.

Now Onboard: PAL Mabuhay October 2009

Mabuhay OCt 2009 Contributor's Page

If you’re flying at any Philippine Airlines Flight this time of the month don’t forget to check out the latest issue of Mabuhay Magazine, PAL’s Inflight Magazine. This month’s features are Los Angeles, Ormoc, Caving in Mulu and Intramuros. Also in this issue is my writing contribution for Camiguin Calling as well as a photo for the Ormoc feature. Check out the pages and spreads below.

Now Onboard: Mabuhay Magazine June 2009

PAL Mabuhay Inflight June 2009

Now on board Philippine Airlines flights is the June 2009 issue of Mabuhay magazine, PAL’s Inflight Magazine. It was a pleasant surprise when I got a copy of the issue as the cover story entitled “Secrets of Mindoro” was my photography and writing assignment work for them on one of their destinations, San Jose, Mindoro. Too bad I didn’t get the cover for this one (cover by Jerome Bonto) but I’m still glad it got the main feature on this issue as I was expecting only to be one of the inside features. Also in this issue I got two more photos for Kota Kinabalu with writer John Oates. Checkout the editorial note and contributor’s feature to know more about the issue.