Image Gallery for Forest and Climate Change Primer Up

I’ve been slowly rebuilding my galleries on my new photos page and prioritizing a lot of my works first as an opportunity to build a much decent portfolio of professional works. One project I really enjoyed working on before was the Primer on Forest and Climate Change in Nueva Vizcaya. Up now on the galleries are a few selected photos from the hundreds shot during that project. You can check the gallery here.

Save the Children Postcards and Gallery

I had the pleasure of working with the Philippine chapter of the worldwide NGO Save the Children a couple of years back but wasn’t able to post some details. We took several photos of schools and children where the organization had projects. What’s interesting about the work aside from interacting with the local communities is I had to shoot full Hi-res JPEGs since the client was strict about “untouched” photos and most of the children they would use for their materials need model releases from their parents. I’ve recently uploaded some of my selected photos from the hundreds I shot there. You can see them at the Save the Children Gallery.

Now Onboard: SilverKris Inflight Mag Nov 2010

SilverKris Inflight Nov 2010 Makati: Art in the City It’s a great experience to have worked again with a different international inflight publication this time just to see their work process. Asked what cosmopolitan city we can easily feature aside from Manila, we pitched the idea of Makati and its ever growing creative spots. It’s a bit of challenge to shoot around Makati since it’s one of the most unfriendly places for photographers, but we managed to pull it off. If you’re flying anytime this month via Singapore Airlines, don’t forget to check out the SilverKris Inflight Magazine and the feature story on Makati, “Art in the City”.

Coffee Origins 2010 Greenbelt 5

Coffee Origins 2010 Greenbelt 5 Coffee lovers have a reason to troop to Greenbelt 5, Ayala until next week. The Coffee Origins Exhibit is running at the Gallery Bridge at the 2nd level. I’m not really a coffee enthusiast but it’s a project I’m involved with like last year as the creative guys behind the booth designs used my photos from Lake Sebu, Bacolod and Iloilo on their booth. Check it out.

On Board: Seair Inflight Aug-Sept 2010

Seair Inflight Aug-Sept 2010 Cover Story Ready… set… Action! Whether it’s that adrenaline pumping activity or that really exotic delicacy, adventure is the name of the game in this August-September Issue of Seair Inflight. Get on the adventure side of Bohol beyond the Chocolate Hills, surf through the slew of activities in La Union with insider guide Luke Landrigan, and try out exotic delights with Stephanie Zuibiri. So if you find yourself riding any Seair Flight check out the latest issue. In the meantime, here are spreads from the Bohol Adventure cover story.