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Moleskine Mini-Sticker Icons!

My 18-month Moleskine with sticker icons
My 18-month Weekly Notebook Diary Moleskine with sticker icons

Call me old-fashioned but despite having a digital calendar on my smartphone, I still use use my trusty Moleskines to refer to past trips and also for those random notes I jot down on the road.

I recently got my new 18-months Weekly Notebook/Diary Moleskine, and having used these legendary notebook for years already, it’s a delightful surprise to see that they now added those fine looking icon stickers to label the pages. The graphical icons were really neatly designed. I guess with so many imitator and competitors now for that handy notebook they need to add something new. And I liked it!

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Ferdz Decena Calling Cards for 2011

Ferdz Decena 2011 Cards
My new set of calling cards for 2011

I just got my set of new calling cards for 2011. When I was about to run out of my old calling cards I thought it was a good opportunity to re-design one. The card this time is back-to-back so I don’t have to give separate cards for different blogs. Also I’m focused more on this time around but is still at the back. Remind me to give you one when I see you.