The North Face 100 PH 2016: The Tough 11k Trail Run

Never underestimate the distance. That’s one of the few lessons I learned running the 11k trail run at the recently held The North Face 100 PH in Benguet. After running the 12k trail at the Salomon Xtrail in Subic a couple of weeks before, I thought it would be easier for me to get a better time here. My goal for this 11k run was to finish strong, at least on the upper half on the overall ranking. I never thought that this shorter would challenge me that much though.

The dirt road trail in Subic

Salomon Xtrail Pilipinas 2016 Subic: 12K Road to Trail

I just realized that this is my 3rd participation in the Salomon Xtrail Pilipinas. This 2016, Salomon brings us to where they started the annual tradition sharing trail love which is at the mountain and hills of Subic Bay. I wasn’t there when they debuted the race so it was an amazing opportunity to see why they chose to go back at Subic, Zambales. I really liked the coastal trails and views of the previous trail runs at Hamilo Coast and Anvaya Cove so I was excited to see how the forest trails fare as I heard it’s quite technical. Four categories again for Salomon Xtrail Pilipinas 2016 – the 6km and 12km Road to Trail Run and the 24km and 32km Mountain Run. I decided to stick with the 12km Road to Trail Run as I wanted to get better time from last year and second I didn’t have a long preparation.

Trail Run | Salomon Xtrail Pilipinas 2015: The 12k Road to Trail

On its 5th year, Salomon Xtrail Pilipinas 2015, gathered as nearly 1,500 runners last April 25, 2015 in one of the most anticipated running events of the year, held in Anvaya Cove, Morong, Bataan. Keeping its tradition and reputation as having not only the most scenic trails in the past five years, they are also known as having technical trails that would challenge trail runners from beginners dipping their foot on the trails (the 6km and 12km Road to Trail) to avid trail runners looking to test their skills and endurance (24km and 32km Mountain Trail). Like last year’s Xtrail in Hamilo Coast, I was able to join this year’s trail run as well, upping my ante a little on the 12km Road to Trail Category. And here I share my experience and photos from this run.

Running | My 1st 21km at the Banaue Batad Marathon 2014

I wanted to push myself further. I wanted to see if I could run the 21km distance after running many 10km already. When I read that there would be a road-trail marathon in one of my favorite places in the country, the Cordilleras, my eyes lit up and the thought of running in the mountains amidst rice terraces and catching the sunrise on the trail made me excited. With a little more prodding from friends like Christine of JovialWanderer who also signed up for the Banaue Batad Marathon, I thought, hey now I got a companion for the race there’s no reason not to go. Whatever happens on this race, my main goal was to finish the half-marathon as an added experience. Little did I know I would be exceeding my expectations in this event.

Salomon X-Trail Run 2014 | On the 6k Road to Trail

If you’re an experienced road runner, 6k seems like a walk in the park. But 6k on the trail is a lot different than you think. Add in the X-factor from Salomon and you got yourself some heck of a trail run. Last Saturday, I joined this years Salomon X-Trail Run 2014 hoping to explore the nature trails of Hamilo Coast,Pico de Loro . Initially I was planning to run the 12k trail but I had a nasty bump on my shin causing it to have some sort of a stress fracture forcing me to be cautious and safely run the 6k instead by the time it healed.  I had no regret running the 6k trail as it offered a little bit of everything I like about trail running in the mix.