4 Types of Design Aided by Technology

Although you might traditionally think of design having more of a connection to pen and paper than technology, there are many modern ways in which technology helps designers to improve and establish their skills and work. This article will cover some of the main elements of design and how technology aids designers in these factions… Continue reading 4 Types of Design Aided by Technology

HTML5, CSS3, WordPress and Embracing the Responsive Web Design

Ironwulf En Route 2012 Responsive Design

I’ve been out of the loop from the Web Design Industry for a few years now. Prior to my photography and blogging, I was busy working as a web and graphic designer . If you followed Ironwulf.net En Route in its early years, all of the template designs were done by me from the ground up. The earlier versions even got local recognition as one of the Best Designed Filipino Blog in 2007 and internationally as part of the 45 Beautiful and Creative Wordpress designs from SixRevisions in 2008. But changes in technology have transformed the landscape of Web Design, now we are not only designing for native desktop browsers but also multiple platforms like mobile devices or flat screen TVs to try to make them compatible. Gone are the days when our only worry is to make our designs look consistent in different browsers.