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  • 1-Hour Yoga for Cyclist

    1-Hour Yoga for Cyclist

    Sharing my practice for those who enjoy cycling. This sequence is designed to target those areas which usually gets tight by extensive cycling. Expect to stretch and tone muscles on hamstring and quads, to toe and ankle stretch, a little bit of core and some nice shoulder and chest openers.

  • One Hour Spine Energizing Vinyasa Flow

    One Hour Spine Energizing Vinyasa Flow

    Welcome to a one hour Vinyasa Flow with focus on twists and back-bends to move and energize your spine in all directions. Help lengthen and strengthen your center with some locusts, side bends, dancers, wild thing and reclined hero pose.

  • 1-Hour Upper Body Focused Flow

    1-Hour Upper Body Focused Flow

    Opening the shoulders, engaging the scapula, a few soothing back bends and heart openers in the mix.

  • 1 Hour Twist and Heart Opening Flow

    1 Hour Twist and Heart Opening Flow

    A moderate intensity practice that opens your heart and shoulders and frees up tension on your spine with some twisting asanas.

  • Open Level Vinyasa Flow

    Open Level Vinyasa Flow

    This was my first FB Live class. A more vigorous practice starting with an awakening pranayama, building on the asanas, a few hip-mobility poses, options for arm balances and inversions. A sequence guaranteed to make you sweat and feel good after.

  • Easy Vinyasa Flow

    Easy Vinyasa Flow

    It’s a well-rounded Easy Vinyasa class that’s geared for beginners and yoga practitioners looking to level-up their practice moderately. This class is recorded live from Facebook for a live audience.